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studio 66
hey, check out my website that aims at the art culture and history and how it fares in the modern world.

Posted: Fri, 3 Jan. 2020
Expires: Sat, 2 Jan. 2021
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Free classifieds in India has conve
My father died 2 years back and left me with an old restaurant that my great grandfather started with my grandfather 60 years ago. The restaurant has stood the test of time and still has a very small but loyal customer base who had been eating there for generations, but it has remained pretty much the same since it was started, it gets an occasional paint and repair job once every decade and that's about it. I was a software engineer working with a corporate company, earning around 30 Grand a month, but I wasn't happy with the job, the job was pretty close to modern slavery, and the kind of work I did there wasn't satisfying for the soul.
I wanted to take over my father's business, but I knew nothing about restaurants and to make matters worse the restaurant wasn't making enough dough for me to take care of my family's finances, as newer more efficient competitors had cropped up everywhere. I wanted to develop my business, all the banks I approached for a loan were sceptical to say the least as the property that I wanted to attest for the loan, was slowly crumbling into pieces.
One fine day I was sitting at my restaurant and going through all the feasible options available, when I noticed a strange trend, more and more people were starting to get parcels there, instead of walking into a restaurant to eat which made me realize that food is my commodity not the restaurant, so I decided to market my food specially and use the whole restaurant space to start a full-fledged delivery based cloud kitchen. We ran a Kerala cuisine restaurant in Chennai, which was highly in demand, I next wanted to market my product and service in a low but highly effective cost that made me turn toward free classifieds in India on the internet – Used by millions of people all over India. There are so many portals where one could place free classified ads such as Quikr, Olx, to name a few in the World.
Within a few months of me placing those free classifieds in India websites and using the social media to create awareness about my business, orders came rushing into my roof. I previously was just making 20 Grand running the restaurant business but then just in a few months it turned into 70 Grand, later a profitable amount of 100 Grand a month, I had to quit my job, which I wanted to do for a very long time, hire more chefs and delivery men. Our business got so much traction that people even started asking for our franchise. It was my humble opinion that we were not ready for a franchise yet, but we did manage to start another branch on the other end of the city which is also working great with the help of classifieds, and now I have incorporated YouTube marketing to the mix. We now have our own dedicated food channel that drives more consumers to try our products. I have also started learning to cook, I help out in the kitchen occasionally, for the first time there is nothing much to complain about in my life, free classifieds in India has converted me from miserable to satisfied.

Posted: Fri, 3 Jan. 2020
Expires: Sat, 2 Jan. 2021
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Best Website design and development
Omega Soft wares is one of the best web designing companies in Mumbai and website plays an important role in growth of your business and Omega Soft wares feel proud to carry out that role perfectly for your business.
They take each and every step of the Website Development process very carefully, which is why we are one of the leaders in the field of website development.
They have their own well organized team and have the 18+ year of experience and they know what the client’s needs and they believe in 100% client satisfaction by delivering the project on time

Posted: Tue, 31 Dec. 2019
Expires: Wed, 30 Dec. 2020
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Free Classifieds In Delhi Has Made
I was living with my family in Sultanpur and completed my schooling over there. But, for graduation, I have shifted to Delhi in 2015 and took admission in the top Engineering College which I have found from free classifieds in Delhi portal.

I remembered on the first day of college, some seniors were doing raging. They also caught me and some juniors who were my classmates. We bagged that group, but they were not supposed to listen and wanted us to do the task anyhow. Do you know what was the task? Let me tell you. The task is we all had to go to shave our beard on only one side for a week. We were not at all wanted to tolerate that nonsense that is why we have recorded a video of them and post it on social media. As soon as it went viral, our college authority came to us and they suspended those students for two weeks.

During that period, some of my classmates became friends, and we are now best friends. In college time, some of them were very serious about studies, and they were interested in software developing that's why they joined the best ERP classes which were found through free classifieds in Delhi platform. But I and my other friend named Deep were not much serious about study. We used to go to the canteen, playing video games, and sometimes go to watch a movie by bunking lectures. And after college, we hang out every night with other friends as well.

My friend, Deep was interested in chasing out his hobby, Cricket. He always dreamed about becoming a cricketer. Even, at some time he was used to playing cricket while we were playing video games. This is the reason why we forced him to join cricket academy, but he was financially unstable so my other friends suggested him about free classifieds in Delhi portal. By browsing the site, he ended up with an academy that has proven record to place their students and you know what that academy was charging a low fee as well. But we all have helped him to pay his cricket fees as he also needed to pay college fees.

Currently, he is a coach in the cricket academy. Now, you might think what about me? Well, I was not at all interested in the study and when the seventh semester came, placement was started. My other friends were becoming very serious and studied all the time to crack the written exam and an interview. Even, they have again used the online platform “free classifieds in Delhi” to enroll in online classes. Yes, there are various channels that are delivering lectures on aptitude and reasoning. And this time they have not gone one by one and found channels. They just posted there and found out the best one.

And I was not able to sit in the placement and if I choose to sit, I got rejected then I have realized that I have wasted my four years. After that, my friend got placed, and I was searching for a job but not from a single company, I received a positive response. Then I became serious about my career and decided to take training in an ERP course. For that, I also choose to find classes from free classifieds in Delhi portal. I have found that and took training. Now working in a company.

So learn from my story, and be serious about your career!!

Posted: Fri, 6 Dec. 2019
Expires: Sat, 5 Dec. 2020
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Posted: Thu, 5 Dec. 2019
Expires: Fri, 4 Dec. 2020
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Free Classifieds In Rajkot Has Taug
I am living at Kalawad Road in Rajkot. I want to tell all the people that how free classifieds in Rajkot taught me to never give up. See, everybody was brought into the world with the absolute capacity to be glad. So, we have no reason to be sad. By and by, I believe this is on the grounds that we've instructed ourselves to be miserable.

Here's my opinion:

We as a whole have our very own considerations and formulas about our joy. I have heard from a various individual stating that "If I had cash, great health or supportive family members, then I would be happy." But does that mean in the event that you don't have cash, you can't be upbeat? Obviously, it doesn't. However, it means that in the event that you think cash is the best way to be optimistic, and you don't have it yet, you will get yourself into the attitude that you won't be satisfied until you have it. Also, the outcome of that state of mind is that you won't be happy - yet it has nothing to do with the cash!

Even, that thought process was also running in my mind. But I wanted to learn music anyhow, and I have found the best teacher from free classifieds in Rajkot portal. See, disappointment is additionally an attitude. You can invest a ton of energy revealing to yourself that you are bad enough, and in some cases, you take a decision of quitting. Try to know about along these lines of reasoning, and criticize it for the failure - not yourself. You can't foresee the result of your activities regardless of how hard you attempt.

How is this identified with achievement in the music business?

Performers like you and I are experts in self-analysis, which can make the adventure through a music profession hard to appreciate. Numerous artists don't understand that the outcomes aren't constrained by us!

Disappointment doesn't even truly exist, I have discovered this by finding free classifieds in rajkot website.

However, it's something you distress so much, you restrain from doing things in view of the troubling possibility of disappointment. Yet, the funny thing about disappointment is that it's all in your mind. There's nothing objective about it and along these lines, it implies that none of us truly needs to fall flat at all. Most individuals just quit attempting.

Think about these genuine stories about some fruitful artists:

– Asha Bhosle has given about 12000 songs to the music industry before she was well-known. She had struggled to find work, and no one helped her. She had made mistakes during her struggling period as there is no one who can guide her.

– Kailash Kher has learned music from 15 different teachers, and then he moved to Mumbai where he was living on the railway platform.

– Mohit Chauhan has completed his masters in Geology, but he was not supposed to do a 9-5 job, so he has decided to move Delhi to chase music. And now, as you can see he is a successful singer.

What's more, concerning the performers who have given the dread of disappointment and dismissal a chance to get to them and they surrendered, well, we never find out about them, isn't that right? And after reading this, I decided to find out music classes and upgrade my skills so when I was searching online, I have found, a free classifieds in rajkot portal, that lets me go through and compare various classes in my city.

So on the off chance that you truly love music, don't quit attempting to do what you want to do.

Posted: Wed, 4 Dec. 2019
Expires: Thu, 3 Dec. 2020
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Limo Hire Limousines
Track Down Nearest Limo Hire - It is simple to utilize our most up-to-date internet site to uncover nearby limo hire in your town. The website features business maps for locating all types of professionals and even allows you to fill in a job form and acquire pricings from nearby limo hire so you're able to compare charges, go through reviews and find the least expensive specialist to meet your needs, this saves you needing to hunt through telephone books and local papers. Consequently when you're in search of professionals in Great Britain I suggest you go to our website right away.

There are for sure plenty of different ways to seek out recommended local limo hire and I would definitely encourage you to examine all the methods in the hunt for an excellent limo hire. In addition to hunting on the net there are several somewhat more traditional approaches by which to locate good services. You could attempt perusing your local broadsheets, paid for or free, you may browse through your Yellow Pages telephone directory, and you can try questioning friends and relatives. They all are outstanding means by which you could root out limo hire.

Posted: Wed, 26 Oct. 2016
Expires: Thu, 23 Sep. 4754
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Splendid Cabo Roig Spain House
Cabo Roig Alicante Superb Residence to Buy - Attractive 5 bedroomed property just listed for sale in the popular Orihuela Costa holiday location of Cabo Roig. Within easy reach of the seaside and all the neighborhood restaurants and bars, this splendid residence would make an ideal holiday house or permanent home in this celebrated locality. Tenders are welcomed from everybody in the market to buy a dwelling in Cabo Roig, Spain and the lowest bids start at merely 270,000 euros. We also have got a variety of properties in nearby La Zenia, within a short walk of Cabo Roig.

With Cabo Roig really by far the most well-liked coastal destinations along this section of shoreline, the property is bound to be in great demand, so if you're serious, do not delay, send in your inquiry right now to make sure that we are able to schedule a viewing right now and start the sale up and running and you will buy your house in this well known seaside resort and begin residing there or having regular vacations there.

Posted: Sat, 6 Jun. 2015
Expires: Sun, 3 May. 4753
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Cabo Roig Superb Villa for Sale
Cabo Roig Torrevieja Gorgeous House for Sale - Outstanding 3 bedroomed casa just listed for sale in the wonderful Orihuela Costa coastal town of Cabo Roig. Within easy reach of the seashore and all the neighborhood restaurants and bars, this superb casa will make an ideal holiday home or long term home in this much loved vacation spot. Offers are welcomed from everybody eager to buy a residence in Cabo Roig and the lowest bids start at a mere 260,999 euro. We of course have various of homes in nearby La Zenia, within a short walk of Cabo Roig. Pleased to say we can now offer properties for rent in Cabo Roig as well, so if you are planning a holiday in the resort feel free to get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do to offer you a nice property in Cabo Roig.

Posted: Thu, 7 May. 2015
Expires: Fri, 3 Apr. 4753
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