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Thank you JESUS

The True Story of missing cancer.

1.First report Trinity Mother Francis Hospital Tyler Texas

2. Second Report: M D Anderson, Houston, Texas

Shonnie Bryan one of the deciples of JESUS, serving at LIBERTY HARVEST MINISTRIES IN JESUS, is doing well, the hospital in Tyler, Texas and the hospital in Houston, Texas both did biopsies on Shonnie and diagnose her with two kinds of cancer, one bad the other worse. Any way come to find out, when you fight the good fight of faith, casting out all fear and doubt, stand on the promises of GOD, and He knows who you are, He will show his salvation. The new report requires no sadness on anyone's part or anyone to feel sorry for her, or have any kind of pity party be thrown in honor of satan.

The report of JESUS is the one we are bragging on. Please remember I am not telling anyone there is no death, because it is appointed unto man once to die, but health is a novel subject. JESUS desires (above all things) that we prosper and are in good health. When they went into her insides at M.D. Anderson in Houston, they couldn't seem to find any trace or sign of cancer. I know this makes some people uneasy but the truth is miracles', signs, and wonders follow those that believe, and those that don't believe follow either the people that these things are happening to, or they hate them. About all you hear in the world are people bragging on how bad the things are that are happening to them, and each one will have some story about how much worse off they are than the other one. Worldly people, or people without the true GOD living in them can brag on satan and all the things he causes if they want to, and that is only because, satan's life style is the one they are familiar with, in reality they spend no time at all with the ALL MIGHTY GOD, whose name is JESUS. [( This is what JESUS keeps trying to tell people.)] Turn from following satan and agreeing with his ways, in other words repent, and turn to or return to HIM, and HIS ways. If people would listen to this advice good things would follow them, they would be filled with his presence, they would quit bragging on all the bad that happens, and start seeing all the good that happens.

My Bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous but GOD shall deliver them out of them (ALL). JESUS receives all of our thank you's all of our praise, and deserves all of the GLORY and from this family he gets all of ours. JESUS is now and will always be our deliverer.

Copyright by Harold D. Pitts.

Last revised: February 26, 2003.

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