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Richard Lawson Studios

Hey everyone! Here is the 2009 Calendar of Events for the Richard Lawson Studios. This calendar lists all of our events for 2009: Free Open Classes, Audition Intensive Weekends, Personal Declaration of Independence Weekends, plus the return of FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE (Where Richard invites people from the entertainment industry to talk about their experiences in the business. Past speakers have included Jorge Garcia, Henry Winkler, Patty Jenkins and many others)

To sign up for any of these events, please call 818-793-8767

or at

February 13th at 8pm (Open Class)
February 14th at 2pm (Open Class)
February 20 - Friday Night Live
February 28 (Declaration Of Independence - Day 1)
March 1 (DOI - Day 2)

March 13th at 8pm (Open Class)
March 14th at 2pm (Open Class)
March 20 - Friday Night Live
March 28 (Audition Intensive - Day 1)
March 29 (Audition Intensive - Day 2)

April 10th at 8pm (Open Class)
April 11th at 2pm (Open Class)
April 17 - Friday Night Live
April 25 (DOI - Day 1)
April 26 (DOI - Day 2)

May 8th at 8pm (Open Class)
May 9th at 2pm (Open Class)
May 15 - Friday Night Live
May 23 (Audition Intensive - Day 1)
May 24 (Audition Intensive - Day 2)

June 12th at 8pm (Open Class)
June 13th at 2pm (Open Class)
June 19 - Friday Night Live
June 27 (DOI - Day 1)
June 28 (DOI - Day 2)

July 10th at 8pm (Open Class)
July 11th at 2pm (Open Class)
July 17 - Friday Night Live
July 25 (Audition Intensive - Day 1)
July 26 (Audition Intensive - Day 2)

August 7th at 8pm (Open Class)
August 8th at 2pm (Open Class)
August 14 - Friday Night Live
August 29 (DOI - Day 1)
August 30 (DOI - Day 2)

September 11th at 8pm (Open Class)
September 12th at 2pm (Open Class)
September 18 - Friday Night Live
September 26 (Audition Intensive - Day 1)
September 27 (Audition Intensive - Day 2)

October 9th at 8pm (Open Class)
October 10th at 2pm (Open Class)
October 16 - Friday Night Live
October 24 (DOI - Day 1)
October 25 (DOI - Day 2)

November 13th at 8pm (Open Class)
November 14th at 2pm (Open Class)
November 20 - Friday Night Live
December 5 (Audition Intensive - Day 1)
December 6 (Audition Intensive - Day 2)

December 11th at 8pm (Open Class)
December 12th at 10am - 12pm (Open Class)
December 12 (1 - 9pm) DOI - Day 1
December 13 (10 - 4pm) DOI - Day 2
December 18 - Friday Night Live

Re: Richard Lawson Studios

message from Richard Lawson:

GRANT SHOW is our first guest this Friday Feb. 20th! Grant has been in the business for over 20 years working on such hit shows as "Melrose Place", "Point Pleasant", "Swingtown" and "Ryan's Hope", along with many other TV and Movie credits to his name. Grant is currently working on the hit show "Private Practice" as Archer Montgomery. Grant will be sharing his "Road to Success" and some of the obstacles he has had to overcome along the way. There will be a Q&A after he shares his incredible journey.

Although the event has filled up, continue to check out the news section on the group's home page for future "Friday Night Live" speakers and other events happening at the Richard Lawson Studios.