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ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

Today is the day to donate:

If you haven't heard him, download this speech:
right-click and save

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

please tell me Ron Paul is seriously tying his fund raising drive to Guy Fawkes Day (or maybe even nerdier, V for Vendetta). Nothing like a heavy handed calendar tie in to one of the English speaking world's most well-known failed revolutions to take your own campaign out in flaming style....

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

from the Nov. 5th site:

"This event is a grassroots effort and is not associated
with the Official Ron Paul campaign."

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

Apparently they pulled in $2.7M in a day???

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

4.6 million according to the AP a few minutes ago.

Interesting ... though frankly I won't trust these numbers till another day or so passes, but this could be the Republican's Howard Dean. This enthused "V for Vendetta" (which the Paul campaign actually did absorb into its campaign talking points) while jump starting his poles, will probably also be what breaks him. If he goes anywhere in any of the primaries I see the media crucifying him, handing the nom back to G or Romney. If Pat Buchanan sticks his head in this, and we haven't seen him in a while, this is over.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

Huh...and all this time I thought Pat Buchanan was dead.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

I believe the term you're looking for is "un-dead".

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

FYI: Ron Paul Competes For the Unabomber Vote

Now, Ron Paul often sounds like the most sane GOP candidate during debates. And who knows? Maybe he is. But that's not so much praise of Ron Paul as ****ing of the other nuts on the stage with him.

Ron Paul is a wacko. And I don't say that inadvisedly. Yes, there's the nuttiness of the generalized libertarian "eliminate the government/return to the gold standard" rhetoric, but the real kookiness lies in Paul's cozy relationship with the Patriot movement.

Now, you don't hear much about the Patriots anymore; they pretty much reached their peak when Tim McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. After that they went from being a bunch of nutjobs with guns and anti-government leanings (and, not for nothing, a number of fans in the Republican party) to, well, terrorists. But Paul remained a big supporter of the Patriots over the years, sharing their fears of a global elite seizing America away from the people and placing our nation under UN control.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

what a loon...

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

Lutton: quoting a blog that's quoting a blog with unnamed sources is weak. Additionally, Ron Paul has never advocated the use of force to achieve his objectives.

Da Douche: Fitting handle. Good thing you're not in the prediction business. 4.2 mil in one day is hardly taking down the campaign in flames.

From what I understand the pollsters only poll people who voted in previous election's primary, which had a whopping 6.4% turnout. Hardly an indicator of future results. In a weak republican field, Ron Paul has a shot.

You can disagree with his message, but trying to discredit the man as a "loon" is downright insulting. The man is a doctor of medicine and understands economics (having studied the Austrian school of economics) better than most politicians in the race.

Lastly, he's the only candidate who had the courage to vote against both the Iraq war and the Patriot act, when it was unpopular to do so. No major Democrat candidate will commit to removing troops from Iraq.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

agree with the last poster 100%

While planning to end the illegal war on Iraq, he also plans on ending the trillion dollar a year "war on drugs" that wastes all of our tax dollars on a war that cannot be won. I am a registered dem but would vote for Ron Paul in the general election if I had the chance to.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

Switch affiliations for the Republican primary. Paul's best chance is through party crossover and newly registered Republicans.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

>>Lutton: quoting a blog that's quoting a blog with unnamed sources is weak.

Yes, quoting Paul's handwritten fundraising letter would be better:

I don't need to tell you that our American way of life is under attack. We see it all around us -- every day -- and it is up to us to save it.

The world's elites are busy forming a North American Union. If they are successful, as they were in forming the European Union, the good 'ol USA will only be a memory. We can't let that happen.

The UN also wants to confiscate our firearms and impose a global tax. The UN elites want to control the world's oceans with the Law of the Sea Treaty. And they want to use our military to police the world.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

I agree that many of the issues Paul brings up are important. The Patriot Act, NCLB, the War on Drugs, etc.

I'm glad he's speaking out and making republicans defend some of their worst work. Yet the black-helicopter fear, and the UN-fear are over the top.

We don't have to fear those things when we have a government that supports torture, even of Americans if need be, and renders people to undisclosed countries for 'interogation'.

The New World Order is not the problem--GWB et al are.

But keep up the good work; it's making the rest of the republican party very uncomfortable.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

Lutton: The UN does sponsor gun control measures. The UN has considered taxing items from email to speculative currency transactions. NAFTA has been a horrible mess.

Just because you disagree with him does not make him a nut.

You know what's nutty? Doing the same thing over and over again when it doesn't work. That's what's happening with the Iraq war. GWB sucks ass. But Hillary is not going to make things better. She's pro-war, pro-Patriot act, and has no will nor integrity. She's GWB in a drag.

If you can tell me what the Dems stand for on a national level (besides a national health care plan), I'm all ears...

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

On the subject of Ron Paul's fringe supporters:

great comment: '"They are running SCARED"
I doubt that, but you can be sure they are running dumb, which could be even better news for Ron.'

In regards to fundraising: He's running a relatively transparent campaign. You can see interesting fundraising breakdowns at:

Is any other candidate offering this sort of information?

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

who's in drag?

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

Can Ron Paul top this campaign commercial? If the answer is yes, where can I sign up?

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

I would vote for anyone who has the capacity to come up with amazing special effects like that!

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

"You can disagree with his message, but trying to discredit the man as a "loon" is downright insulting. The man is a doctor of medicine and understands economics (having studied the Austrian school of economics) better than most politicians in the race."

1st off, I'm not sure why you think those credentials are impressive. The guy's got an M.D. Lots of people do. Heck there are people with PhDs and doctors of law (J.D.s) on this board. Doesn't mean I want any of them running the country, though I do a moonshine operation I'd confidently had the reigns over to Jordan.

He understand economics? Howso? Does he have an advanced degree in economics, has he ever worked as an economist? Do you know what "the Austrian school" is? Here's a hint, it thrives in the world of "radical" economic theory (kinda like Marxism still exists on the fringes of modern social and cultural theory) and I don't know of any stable economy using it as a model outside of maybe a long running game of Sid Meier's Civilization.

"Lastly, he's the only candidate who had the courage to vote against both the Iraq war and the Patriot act, when it was unpopular to do so. No major Democrat candidate will commit to removing troops from Iraq."

That is true, he can make a speech and vote his conviction. Tell me this, can he effectively lead? What is his legislative record? Has he authored (not signed on to) any major legislation or enacted policy? Held any legislative chairships? Or did he spend his years in Congress around his voluntary break operating as a "straight shooter" who didn't hit anything and a "straight talker" who no one really listens to?

The Philadelphia Weekly does a great job capturing what the why Paul doesn't have a prayer perspective:

'Hello, young American! Does the very mention of the Constitution inspire a long-dormant patriotism that has nothing to do with pointless flag-waving and destroying other countries? Ron Paul looks pretty good these days, eh? His rambles pass for political courage as he goes around announcing that he believes in more personal rights. Except being a libertarian, kiddos, doesn’t just mean you’re pro civil liberties. It means you’re anti lots of other good stuff. Like Medicaid and Medicare and the idea of some sort of actual universal health coverage. You’re against federally funded public schools and subsidized college loans. You’re against programs to help the poor, the hungry, the sick, the very young and the very old, and you think everyone needs to pull themselves up by their bootstraps or go to hell. And if that’s how you feel, go ahead, go to Ron Paul’s Liberty Rally 2007 and scream about the “revolution.” Believe you’re out there fighting for freedom because you’re with a Republican who wants to end the war. But if you’re into the real principles of the Constitution (check the Preamble if you’re confused; it contains the phrase “promote the general welfare”), stay home and read a god**** book that isn’t written by Ayn Rand. (Alli Katz)'

I see Paul's isolationism a comic bookish alternative to the U.S.'s current foreign policy. The last thing the country should do is disengage for the globe. No country, since the mid twentieth century, can function in such a bubble, and those that try like Turkmenistan and N. Korean, well do we want to be in that club?

Domestically, he serves the parochial interest of his small Texas town just fine. But the U.S. is not a small Texas town. You want to peel back all the country's social programs including financial policies that enabled most of us to get an education, so that the whole country takes on the idyllic character of a small Texas town, culturally, economically, and intellectually. You keep on rooting for him.

Maybe I'm wrong, but this guy sounds like his big constituency stems from Gen Y types who want to click reset on the U.S. playstation, a demographic who apparently has never heard of Pat Buchanan or Lindon Larouche. There is nothing new to this guy, other than a digiterati trying to replay the Howard Dean playbook for him. I actually preferred Dean as a moderate, and I think playing to his "radical" following is what doomed him. My bet, Paul if gets any primary ground, goes down the same way.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

If you've never heard of TBogg, well, it's understandable; he's just '...a somewhat popular blogger,' not one of the big boys.

But here's he sticks up for Paul...sort of:

The Unbearable Lightness of Dean

It's raining dumb

Former Hugh Hewitt Man-Teat Milker, Dean Barnett back on Jan. 9,2007 on "Smarter than the Average Bear" Mitt Romney:
In a unique fundraising event that combined lots of modern-day viral marketing with a smidgeon of old fashioned phone-banking, the Romney campaign raised over $6.5 million. There has never been anything comparable to it in American politics. Although the money primary is just beginning, Mitt Romney looks like he’s going win that one as handily as he won the right-wing media primary.

But it’s not just about the money. Under no circumstances would Mitt Romney’s campaign lack for funds. If he wanted to, he could probably self-finance a presidential run with the loose change in between his sofa cushions.

What yesterday shows is that the Romney campaign, like his business career, will be marked by innovation. The Romney campaign won’t be relying on techniques that were moldy back when David Letterman was actually funny. Nor will it just trod the road that Joe Trippi and the Howard Dean campaign paved in 2004.

Leaving aside the fact that Romney's poll numbers still lag behind Sleepy Fred's Country Bear Campaignoree, it should be pointed out that Romney's "unique fundraising event" was a dog and pony show for the press, where Mitt's CEO buddies came armed with their rolodexes and dialed for dollars to their best buds ("the idea, according to Romney finance director Spencer Zwick, was for his supporters to use their own contacts -- Christmas card lists, for example -- and not to be handed a list of names to cold-call.") who had undoubtedly been prepped to expect the calls. Bold! Innovative ! Mitt!

Dean, now working at the increasingly laughable (well, they hired Dean, didn't they?) Weekly Standard:

RON PAUL TOOK IN $4.2 million in honor of Guy Fawkes Day Monday. While this is a wonderful haul for the congressman, it's not quite accurate to say he raised it or even that his campaign raised it. Paul supporters organized the event on their own with minimal coordination with the campaign.

Naturally, the champions of "people power" have rushed forward to praise this event and point out how it can be replicated. Markos Moulitsas, perhaps the leading authority on how to make it look like you've personally created an internet phenomenon even when you had nothing to do with it, has already rushed out an essay summing up the Paul phenomenon. Moulitsas's analysis comes replete with mind-numbing platitudes and easy-to-repeat formulas for other candidates to apply, presumably once they've retained an internet guru like Moulitsas to show them the way.


Paul is a fringe candidate who broke through into being a cult figure. To use a metaphor that seems oddly appropriate, Dr. Paul has gone viral.

You see, bringing in your rich friends (Mittiots) to call their rich friends is innovative (if you've never heard of Bush Pioneers) because they did it in one day, that makes Mitt "smarter than the average bear". But when the Paultards (copyright Wonkette) raise $4.2 million from non-CEO's in one day, that makes Ron Paul the "Don't Tase Me, Bro Candidate".

Barnett's loyalty to Mitt is admirable, but it's not going to get him adopted. Mitt already has five idiot sons...
Labels: mittiots

posted by tbogg at 8:32 PM

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

Lutton, I'm not sure I see anything more than faint praise in this post, since there's a lot of non paul stuff to churn through (it's called cutting, you don't need to paste the whole thing). Are you saying that Paul's gone viral is some sort of booya! for the Paul camp? All I see here is someone inside someone else's blog beating up Mitt Romney with Paul's netroots windfall.

Re: ATTN: Ron Paul supporters

Bump, Pip wants a fight to ensure Ghandian victory? There's more than lightsaber rattling in this thread. Let's see you back your boy, little thing. Srry for double posting, but I thought he'd want to argue real people on the board than 2nd hand cut and pastes from Lutton's blogroll.

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