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Neighborhood book store...

Over 23,000 new and used titles...over 75,000 books in all, most at 50% off list price. New stock put out daily.

If we don't have the book you're looking for, we'll get it for you.

Lots of academic and specialty titles in stock. Thousands of children's books. Additional discount for teachers purchasing for the school year.

New summer hours...10am-8pm...we're open for business whenever the door is up.

Philly Book Co
1113 Frankford Ave.
(half block south of Girard Ave.)
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Any local artist who might be interested in displaying their work, stop in and let us know or email us. Our space is fairly large, so larger pieces, sculptures, and other installations would work.

Re: Neighborhood book store...

Stopped in this place a week or so ago. It is pretty cool. Not the easiest place in the world to find a specific book, but good if you want to wander through the stacks for a while. (Plus the structure itself is pretty interesting.) Definitely worth a visit.

Re: Neighborhood book store...

Our entire collection of books is inventoried so we are able to search our database and locate any particular title or author that we have in stock.

We are still in the organizing process, but we do have a few thousand titles sorted by subject. A lot of people do like to get lost back in the stacks, you never know what you'll find back there.

Re: Neighborhood book store...

Please reply to me concerning a book I purchased from you through Barnes & Nobles in Amarillo Texas. This purchase was on 05/21/2011 - I (Heart) My truck. Still have not received the book.

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