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Recycling bin trade-in program

NLNA has received 32-gallon green recycling containers from RecycleBank and the Streets Department. As the city is phasing out free bins for neighbors, NLNA is working hard to maintain a supply of bins in the office for the community.

TO GET A FREE 32 GAL. BLUE BIN: Bring by two (2) or more BLUE recycling bins and trade them in for one bigger bin. Please take the time to thoroughly rinse out your blue containers before trading in. And if you have a RecyclingRewards sticker - DO NOT TRY AND PEEL IT OFF! You will ruin the sticker. Please continue to use that bin - or you can contact RecycleBank for a new sticker.

All neighbors are encouraged to re-use old plastic or metal containers, or purchase a container of their choice and add a Recycling sticker available at the NLNA office.

You can also sign up for the Recycling Rewards Program (aka RecycleBank) at the NLNA office.

Questions? call 215.627.6562 or email Lara Kelly at

Re: Recycling bin trade-in program

That's odd. I called the office to ask if I could come over and pick up a recycling bin and was told to call back "in one to two weeks because they were in storage". Do people really have to wait that long?
Mary Dankanis

Re: Recycling bin trade-in program

Hi Mary - I dont know who you spoke with but there are no blue bins in storage. I think we might have 1 at the office. The green bins are available now for trade-in. We also have large "RECYCLING" stickers at the office which the city might start giving out instead of free blue bins.
The office might have weird hours this week so call before stopping by!
Please email me directly if you have any questions, comments, etc!


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