Scout and Guide Historical Society (Proposed)

Welcome to  the Forum  of the  proposed Scouts and Guides Historical Society .

Feel free to  start 'a thread' posting a message for others to read . Readers, if so  minded will be able to add or respond to your comments.  

The Society will be inaugurated if we have 200 names by October 2009.  The membersip fee will then pay for a website which will host the Society own Forum, and many of additional services, in the meantime these pages will act as our newsheet. 

If leaving a message please be sure to add a title for your contribution or the softwear will not add it to the Forum.

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Scouts and Guides Historical Society (proposed)

The Scouting Milestone Forum previously on these pages has been temporarily suspended awaiting the formation of the Scout and Guide Historical Society in October 2009. In the meanwhile anyone wishing to make contact on Scouting Milestones matters should use the links at the bottom of any Scouting Milestone's article, or below my name on the Blog page

This Scout and Guides Historical Society (proposed) Forum is for intending members who would like to start thread as to their ideas for the new society. These of course will be then available for the new Committee’s consideration which will be established by ballot once the Society is formed. Your thoughts at this stage on how we might attract more members would be particularly welcome.

Yours in Scouting


Re: Scouts and Guides Historical Society (proposed)

I hope that the original threads from the first Forum will be re-activated even though no-one ever replied.

I think I would join the Society for a £1 stake even if I turn out to be an occasional contributor.

It may be worth putting out an advert on 1st Facebook Scout Group or ScoutingUK

Re: Scouts and Guides Historical Society (proposed)

Sorry - I think that should be Scoutlink UK


Guide collectors chicken and egg dilema

whilst I disagree about merging scouting and guiding I do agree about issues raised re meeting for guiding collectors.
It is a chicken & egg situation as until more is done for guide collectors will not join IBC or take a more active role and until they do the IBC is unlikely to change despite promises. It is a stalemate.
Having said that scout collectors always make you welcome at IBC meetings and are often keen to obtain guide badges. I am also fortunate to live half hour from Dorchester which of all IBC meets tends to have largest selection of guide collectors, poss because organised by a guider..
There are two smaller guide collector only clubs but not aware they have held meetings yet although do have magazines as well as a few on-line GG & GS groups
I keep meaning to take a more active role in all three clubs and at one point considered volunteering for guide co-ordinator role in IBC but as already work full time, run a guide unit, help at the museum and am now the union rep at work etc felt too much to take on

Re: Guide collectors chicken and egg dilema

How about a one off special Guide Centenary meeting for anyone interested in Guide history or collecting?
(not that I am volunteering to organise it, I am not even a Guide! ).

London Girl Guide Collectors Meeting 2010

Hello Alan,
I like the idea of a Centenary Meeting for anyone interested in Guide History and Girl Guide memorabilia.
If there are enough people out there interested in a meeting (North London)then I could put our Scout Hall at the disposal of the interested parties. I could also put on a display of Guiding memorabilia and even have a few stalls of Guiding memorabilia to swap, trade and sell.
Other intersted parties could also have a stall for either display or trade.
Let me know your thoughts with regards to a date (a Saturday) in 2010.

Re: Scouts and Guides Historical Society

A number of us were recruiting members to our Scout & Guide Historical Society at the Gilwell Reunion (just gone)and we must have at least 70 members who have paid their £1 subscription (I hope to send all those members an e-mail confirming their subscription and hopefully confirming their e-mail addresses).
At the moment Colin is on a well deserved break in Europe and on his return we will be contacting all those potential members who have previously registered their interest in joining the Scout & Guide Historical Society.
There is a long way to go before we have a Society which will provide the information and services we all want and those things we never even envisaged.
We need to buy web space and we need a web master. Is there anybody out there with the skills we will need?
Exciting times ahead....