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Welcome to  the Forum  of the  proposed Scouts and Guides Historical Society .

Feel free to  start 'a thread' posting a message for others to read . Readers, if so  minded will be able to add or respond to your comments.  

The Society will be inaugurated if we have 200 names by October 2009.  The membersip fee will then pay for a website which will host the Society own Forum, and many of additional services, in the meantime these pages will act as our newsheet. 

If leaving a message please be sure to add a title for your contribution or the softwear will not add it to the Forum.

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Badge Picture Archive

I would like to see a picture archive and description of all known UK Scout & Guide badges.
What say you?

Re: Badge Picture Archive

This sounds like a great idea and very useful. There are thousands of badges out there, so it would be a huge task. If we all posted just a few images at a time, there would soon be a substantial library and I am sure some gems would turn up.

As Colin's website has shown, badges which might have ended up in a junk box, turn out to have a story behind them.


Re: Badge Picture Archive

There's a brilliant book by Thelma & Tony Newell with UK Brownie/Guide etc badges in it

Re: Badge Picture Archive

The Scout Memorabilia Collectors of Canada has a website wherein we have attempted to record some of our historical badges, books, catalogues, etc. We have been working at this for 9 years and it remains a work in progress. As Canada and the UK shared a common program up to 1968, many of the badges will look familiar to UK scouts. I am the webmaster for

Our badges do not include district/area/region badges as these are catalogued quite nicely on (run by a member of the Canadian Badgers Club).