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I spent some time on the Island in May 2011. I was there on a reunion of my old Scout Group from Cockfosters in Hertfordshire the "Old Cocks" all now in our 70s we meet several times a year. While they were off striding the hills, I was in particular researching the birthplace of Lord Somers who was born in Freshwater where I was staying, but no one knew where until I had located the house via his birth certificate. I also found the former home of Sir William Acland following his move from Hertfordshire in 1970. I was also priviliged to meet up with Suzanne Whitewood MBE who has written a book "Moments in time" A hundred years of Girlguiding on the Isle of Wight. Several other famous Scout related people live on the Island. Its rather surprising when you start digging who is resident there. FRANK BRITTAIN Archivist.History & Heritage Support Team, Hertfordshire Scouts.


Just read about your visit in May. You must contact me as I wrote a history of Scouting on the Island for the Centenary in 2007. Colin very kindly allowed me to print some articles. The book lists a number of famous scouters including Doctor Kennedy (see Train Cruises) Lord Somers (the original house he lived in burnt down - amusing?? story in my book regarding trying to put fire out) BP visits to woo Rose Kerr Sea Scout Uffa Fox Lord Louis Mountbatten etc. We are now adding the birth place of the current Chief Scout to that list. Contact me for a copy of the book in DVD format. Barry