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Beauty Pageant Manual Ebook by Expert Research Analyst

My name is Benjamin Sui. My girlfriend wanted to join a beauty pageant in Malaysia and needed some tips and resource to prepare for the big day. I was skimming through the Internet and found out a great resource. It is written by Vicky Johnson, a US Beauty Pageant Research Analyst and the book is called “Essential Tips and Formula for Pageant Success”.

After my girlfriend read the book, she won the third spot in a local Malaysian pageant. Not bad for a first timer and amateur in pageants. It details what should go through your mind in a contest, tips on beefing up self confidence, what to say to the judges, how to handle impromptu situations and how to answer difficult questions from the judges.

You can check it out at

Hope that this resource helps you guys and gals out here!!!


Benjamin Sui
Beauty Pageant Enthusiast