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Re: Beatles: The Real Secret Message

I can hardly wait to read this. Having written something that made the lyrics come ALIVE- I mean, did anybody 'listen to his story'... or think he really meant it when he hollared, "HELP!". or , as he said, 'tell me that you've heard every sound there is , and your bird can swing, but you can't hear me."

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Do you think the Beatles were somehow different from any other group?

Do you ever wonder what makes them so captivating to us, even after forty years?

Would you pay $2.99 for an eBook to learn what the Beatles were trying to do from 1967-1969?

I'm posting this because of my belief that the Beatles were far more than just a "pop group". I'm not just trying to "hawk" my book. It's not free, because I wrote it for people willing to think about the Beatles on a deeper level than most current "fans". If you're just interested in Beatle trivia, please just ignore this post. If you want an original and insightful analysis of the true essence of the Beatle phenomenon then go to:

You may not agree with everything I say, but I promise you will start thinking about the Beatles and their music in a whole new way.