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A Tribute to John, 4/25/09, from Colorado

Like so many others, I was devastated on the day John Lennon was killed. My way of coping, though, was just to be 'numb'. That is how I reacted when my Mom died and I was only 18. My Mom had such a specialness about her, and to me, John Lennon had his own unique specialness that comforted me.

I saw the evolution of The Beatles from the time I saw them on The Ed Sullivan Show, the concerts, the albums, the changing and growing. I related to John, too, because of my personal history. I was angry at the time he died, but the anger has healed and I have and live a peace I can't explain.

My 'journey' definitely involves the God of my understanding but also, people like John Lennon. When John was alive, I don't think he realized just how many people loved and cared about him -- and that we all were struggling with past hurts and mistakes. He's touched so many lives, and will continue to do so, in my opinion. But, so much of the 'little boy' hadn't been healed, and that saddens me. I believe he is 'whole' now -- whatever that means when we die and go to the next 'step'.

I know that John is in a better place. I hope that he can hear me. I smile when I think that he is a mentor and guide for many people -- and will be -- for many many years to come.

Thank you, John, for the music (and, YES, for The Beatles' music!), funny stories, poignant stories, defiance that masked wanting to be OK with yourself, books, art, and all the rest. Thank you for being so bluntly honest about the person we all loved and will always love -- YOU.

When I look at the Rocky Mountains, I'll send up a little prayer for you. You're always in my heart...