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When we look upon drugs, we automatically assume that it's a "drug" and it is BAD for you. Why? Why are drugs bad, yes some drugs are bad. But people shouldn't be punished when they are out doing the "natural" thing. You wanna get high, because that's what pleases you. It makes you HAPPY. Thats all that matters, Yesterday is a song of truth. John Lennon's secret philosophy is that it's okay to be HIGH. The only reason it's bad, is because way back then before it matter. Some politician with a sober man's point of view, was in control and since he was sober. He never had the chance to witness the real "philosophy". In the song Come Together, it is secretly telling you the drugs that are involved. Joo-joo eyeballs, basically means how big you're eyes are on acid and that when the sober man looks at this guy who has hair down to his knees, he assume this guys gotta be a joke. He just does what he pleases. Exactly! Why is it considered a joke when you wanna be happy. When he sings Come Together, Right now, Over me. He is saying Come Together...HIGH(over me). We need to all just get together and talk about the things in life that we have to change in order to get LIFE to the way it should be. Every little step counts. We are being punished for drug-use, but why? I'm not harming anyone, I am just trying to reach PEACE. I have figured it out, the answer to everything. This is all in minuet detail. But I will be happy to share this philosophy. If this message has reached out to ANYONE who is on the same page as me or agrees with me or just wants to know more. Please email me at: