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Jim Reeves Message Forum
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Ray Griff Needs Our Prayers

From Diane Diekman:

Ray Griff Needs Our Prayers

Ray Griff sends this heartrending note from Canada, and I will forward to
him any messages from readers: "After numerous biopsies, tests and medical
examinations I have been diagnosed with throat cancer. It's a tough one, but
them's the brakes. We had put our house up for sale and were planning on
moving back to Nashville later in the year, but it looks like that's not
going to happen for a spell. We've pulled the house from the market and I've
cancelled my concert dates for the summer. Your prayers and the prayers of
your readers will be appreciated."



"It was after a Jim Reeves concert in Calgary that
Ray presented Jim with his song "Where Do I Go From Here". Jim
not only recorded the song on his next album, he invited Ray to
move to Nashville."