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Girls' Talk
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August Babies Rule

Allow me to be the first to wish a happy birthday to all of the August babies that visit this board on a regular or occasional basis, including:

* Christine -- Aug. 7
* Susan -- Aug. 15
* Pat*** -- Aug. 19
* Helen -- Aug. 31

It's hard to believe that you all will be 25 this year!

Please feel free to correct or add information.

Re: August Babies Rule

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Jeff! I can still so clearly picture the bouncer at the Idle dubbing us the "August Babies" after checking Helen's, Christine's, Susan's, and my IDs in succession, when people still needed to check our IDs. So long ago...


Re: August Babies Rule

Wow, i'm impressed J.T. You even got the order right!

Re: August Babies Rule

i only wish that i was as together as i am now when i was 25 (although that might not be saying much)