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August is support your Dylan Month

Hey this month two Dylan movies are playing..

"Masked and Anonymous", which is in the spirit of "Renaldo and Clara" (the most excellent Dylan movie of the 1970's) has been panned by critics as indecipherable. Bob Dylan plays an aging rockstar. All critics say the soundtrack is good.

American Pie III is directed by Dylan's oldest boy, Jesse Dylan. It also has been because of its poor direction (could it be because they also don't have a script).

I'll see Eugene Levy in almost anything, I don't care what its about....

Re: August is support your Dylan Month

As much as I want to give props to Jesse Dylan, I don't think I could stomach "American Wedding", even with the inimitable Eugene Levy, whose performance in "A Mighty Wind" was so gut-busting that every time he appeared on screen, I completely and totally lost it.

"Masked and Anonymous" is another story.

Re: Re: August is support your Dylan Month

Useless Dylan connection #452 ...

Musican Ronnie Hawkins, who played Dylan in "Renaldo & Clara" [despite Dylan also being in the movie ... figure that one out] later went on to play the important role of "Bar Singer" in the seminal coming of age movie "Meatballs III".

Source: IMDb.

Oh, and I'm with Marcy, I just can't get into this "American Pie III". Which is odd, considering that I just praised Meatballs III.