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Girls' Talk
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Big Pez dispensers...

Hello, folks, esp. Jeff--

Have you seen the large Pez dispensers now on the market? I was a bunch (Miss Piggys one and all) at Wegmans.

This underscores my supersize/big theory that I've had for years. Nothing can be normal size any more (I know this thread is going to go places I had not at all intended, so have at it!):
- gumballs
- super markets
- cars/SUVs
and now Pez dispensers!

What the hell?

We're just a greedy piggish (hence the Miss Piggy super sized Pez dispensers) lot, eh?


Re: Big Pez dispensers...

Being that it's right before a holiday, I'm talking to myself:

"I was a bunch (Miss Piggys one and all) at Wegmans."
No, no, no... That should have said, "I saw a bunch..." Now, I'm dyslexic, too.


Re: Re: Big Pez dispensers...

I haven't seen them. Do they take regular-sized PEZ, or a new, larger PEZ "loaf".

On a related note, I will always admire Sweet Meat, the only man I know who continued to order large McDonald's fries once they were renamed to medium. This was years ago, when McDonald's was making room for a new, larger large fry ... since that time, "Super Sized" fries have superceded large, and I'm not sure that the medium fry even exists anymore. Sheesh, who'd have though such things could be so confusing?