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Girls' Talk
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Pictures and stuff.

Hey, kids --

Recently, in the mail, I received an envelope containing a trio of photographs from our own Christine's wedding [thanks, Chris]. It got me thinking ...

Didn't I recently get permission to post pictures from Christine's wedding shower, as well as Varg's Portland Festival of Free Love and Hippydom? If Chris and Varg could somehow get their respective photo sets to me, I'd love to put them up.

Can't wait to see pictures from the big Portland party.

And I'm not telling y'all anything that you don't know when I say that it's always a treat to see pictures of Christine, Patt*** and the rest of the girls showering!

Re: Pictures and stuff.

i will make copies of the other pictures and send them to you. i think september might be a light month for me work-wise, so i should have some time!