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Re: Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you...

Sweet Meat recently told me a funny story about the late, great John Ritter:

Remember those little athletic shorts from the 70s/80s ... the colored ones with the white tubing along the bottom and sides? Pretty tiny, right? Well, apparently, while John Ritter was wearing those and doing some physical comedy during an episode of Three's Company, there was a moment where attentive viewers could plainly see what might best be described as "the tubing BEHIND the tubing," if you get my drift. The ladies will be sad to know that Nick at Night has snipped the quick peek at Jack's package from its Three's Company reruns.

I, too, was really saddened to hear about John Ritter's passing. Wherever he is, I hope that he's sharing an apartment with two hot girls ... and that he actually gets to score with them this time.

Re: Re: Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you...

I was quite bummed, too, having been a big Three's Company fan. I liked John Ritter... Sad.

Sad but nowhere near as surprising about Johnny Cash, as well.