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Burnin' Down the Site

How's this for hot news ...

Last night, actually burned down. At the Baltimore, MD building where the site lives, there was an electrical fire. As a result, the utility and the fire department required that all electric devices be disconnected in the building as a safety precaution. So our server was off, and the site was out of commission for the evening.

Authorities are blaming it on power switching equipment within the building, but my theory is different. I think that the fire started because of all the girls in here are so HOT.

A hunka hunka burnin' site,

Re: Burnin' Down the Site


I tried to connect then too, but to no avail. Electrical fire, hurricane Irene, and Jeff still stands.....

Re: Re: Burnin' Down the Site

I must be en fuego because about 3 weeks ago, right after the great Northeast Blackout, I was outside making a phone call on my cell phone (T-Mobile sucks!) when I turned to see what I thought was the moon up over our garage, but no... The moon was over to my right. I looked again, and the three powerlines coming from the transformer on our end of the block were on fire! Lordy...911...firetrucks and firemen...all of the neighbors came out b/c this is the suburbs where very little happens...a Niagara Mohawk worker put out the fires with his glove much to the firemen's chagrin...1/2 an hour without copper insulation on the wires, and we were back in business.