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Girls' Talk
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Theeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees win!!!!

Yay, Yankees!

Like Jeter told Boone in the earlier innings, "Don't worry the ghost will come...," and did he ever. Okay, so it was in the form of Grady Little not pulling Pedro in the 8th, but I'll take it!

Woo hoo!! And woo woo, too!!!!


Re: Theeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees win!!!!

I am one of those people that are sick of seeing the yankees in the world series.

you will not find me watching this world series this year; the marlins are a disgrace to baseball and we all know the Yankees will win. so i dont see the reason.

the yankees are the definition of Monopoly in baseball

**** straight
a normal jeff thomas
not this fool

Re: Re: Theeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees win!!!!

For the record, I have no opinion about the Yankees.

Welcome aboard to my namesake.