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RIP Fred "Rerun" Berry

The rotund star of the 70s program "What's Happening!" and its sequel "What's Happening Now!"
has died at age 52. Forum guests are encouraged to honor this comedian by wearing your best red beret and suspenders.

Re: RIP Fred "Rerun" Berry

Someone on the radio acting as if he was reading a news story said, "This just in... Fred "Rerun" Berry died when running down the street, dribbling a basketball with his good friends Rog and Dwayne."

I liked that show. The weirdest one was when the Doobie Brothers (!) were on, and Rerun got caught taping the show with what I think I remember was an old tape recorder with one of those cheesy microphones under his coat. Too funny...

RIP Fred Berry...


Re: Re: RIP Fred "Rerun" Berry

hello my friends!

after a long absence,i am back on i didn't know rerun died. i just saw him on "i love the 70s" on vh1. wow! and i do remember the doobie brothers episode. i really liked that show!