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Re: Re: Never so happy after a Bills' loss...

I'm glad the other Jeff Thomas is as happy as I was yesterday morning. He deserves happiness, too.

I'm glad for those young Marlins though and don't like to be as greedy as Steinbrenner about these things.


Re: Re: Re: Never so happy after a Bills' loss...

now that the bills are in the toilet and the yankees are done for the year, we can turn our attention to teh sabres. i enjoyed rob ray appreciation night last night. he got that cool boat. the avalanche held patrick roy night and all they did was lower a banner featuring his number from the rafters. wow! who knew rr was so valuable?

Re: Never so happy after a Bills' loss...

i am not happy about my beloved Bills loosing another game i am really sick of our coach Greg Williams and strongly recommend firing him now.

As for the yankees!!! oh yea thats right they had it coming to them.
i am not saying i enjoy the fact that the Marlins won, but what are you going to do.

oh and forget the Sabres