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Girls' Talk
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4:48 AM


Sorry I have been lame recently. Miss you all!!!

Patt*, 4:48 AM? This is when you post to . Please tell me that it records pacific time, or at the very least it is after either

(1) shredding library documents in direct violation of the patriot act

(2) wild sex

(3) watching a movie from the Jeff Thomas - Steve Weppner christmas collection

Well patt*, which was it?

Sweet "obnoxious" meat.

PS Visit me! I am lonely and the weather is beautiful now!

Re: 4:48 AM

You know what's funny, Sweet Meat? When I just now opened your post, I happened to be doing ALL THREE of the things that you mentioned. But since it's not yet 4:48am, I guess that's not so odd.

I've missed your good humor, Sweet Meat. I'm really happy that you dropped in today.

Re: 4:48 AM

Hi, Meat!

1. Yeah! F*** John Ashcroft!
2. That too
3. Stroker Ace rocks!

Just kidding...except for the Ashcroft part.

I'm sad to report that it's nothing more exciting than that my laptop's clock is wrong at night because it's set to get the time from our server. At night, when I dial in through Buffnet, it doesn't know where to get the time because the server is no where to be found....

Boring, eh?

Good to see you back and with such a kick ass post!

Now, where the hell is Russ?


Re: Re: 4:48 AM

Picture snapped bt the "PattiCam" this morning at 4:48:

Re: Re: Re: 4:48 AM

He's my favorite...

Nice action shot of me, eh?