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Re: The Station Agent

Hey, Pat***.

I wasn't so much a fan of Hulk. I'm sad that a new generation of fans introduced to the Hulk as a CGI character will never experience the joy of bugging Geneseo alum Anne Marie Ferrigno about whether she's related to the big green guy.

Anne Marie, on the other hand, is probably quite relieved.

Re: Re: The Station Agent

Yeah, I didn't dig the whole cgi Hulk thing either, which may be among the reasons we didn't see it in the theater, but once in a while, when you don't see one of those big movies until you rent it and have no expectations? Once in a while, those flicks end up being not so bad... And they are *always* better than Milk Money! Blech!


Re: Re: The Station Agent

i think anne marie was friends with kristen wilson, who contacted me last year, via email!!!