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Girls' Talk
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Christmas shopping for Meat and Jeff

Saturday was so beautiful that jod*, Alan and I went shopping downtown and walked around for hours. What a great weekend weather-wise... The only 2 things that I purchased were a gift a piece for Meat and Jeff. They pale in comparison to my Fox Mulder Action Figure (which holds a place of honor in our house), Happiness (which a friend borrowed and never returned, so the happiness is spreading around) Stroker Ace/Yakov, etc. (none of which I could pinpoint should I even try), but they're along similar lines. I can't believe how rude I've been the last few years not reciprocating your generosity! This year, things have changed!

You've been warned

Re: Christmas shopping for Meat and Jeff

Should I be as frightened as I am right now?

Re: Re: Christmas shopping for Meat and Jeff


Actually, nah--they're harmless little trinkets.

I can't believe how long it took me to return all of these Christmas favors from over the years. I'm a social clod!