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Girls' Talk
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Happy Birthday J.T!

Hey J.T!

Happy 34th! Gift in the mail, if you have it already you know who to give it to.... See you guys soon, I'll be home Christmas as usual.

..and I have been away, in part because I came on your web site one day and saw pictures of Allison getting married. The horror! Could she not wait? Me and Greg K. are distraught.

My aim is true....

Re: Happy Birthday J.T!

Thanks, Sweet Meat! You'll be happy to know that I celebrated my birthday by seeing the new Opie/Ritchie Cunningham/Ron Howard movie, and that he is still giving work to his mutant brother. This time, the freakish but lovable Clint Howard has a small role as a town official of some type.

See you soon!

Re: Re: Happy Birthday J.T!

Happy birthday one day late, Jeff! I wasn't online yesterday, so sorry to be wishing you this belatedly

Hi, Meat!

Ron Howard also gave work to his brother, Clint, as an environmentalist tree-sitter in the TV show, Arrested Development--which by the way is a very clever and funny show. Portia de Rossi's character told Clint's character, "Oh, no, I'm not interested in you! I think you're creepy..." Poor Clint. Opie produces and does the narration for the show.