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Girls' Talk
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Holiday treats and questions

Just a quick note to say that I have finally found the "perfect" holiday gift for Patt***. I also have something for her husband, but he might actually like his. Could someone please explain to me why, somehow, that makes me less excited about giving him his gift than I am about giving Patt*** hers?

Hope to see you guys soon!

Re: Holiday treats and questions

Hi, Jeff!

And could someone please explain why I have this generalized holiday anxiety? Oh, that's right--because I'm about to receive some "perfect" gifts! Woo woo!

I'm going to H*****l on Christmas Day if the "significant lake effect snow event" doesn't stop me in my tracks... I'll be back home by Saturday afternoon. When will you be around? Will Meat be coming to WNY this season?

See you soon


Re: Re: Holiday treats and questions

Hi, Patt***. I think that Sweet Meat is home Tuesday through Saturday. I'll be around beginning tomorrow in the early afternoon. How about Steve and/or I call you tomorrow or Wednesday about when and where we can get together [remember ... you asked for it]!

Talk to you soon.

Re: Re: Re: Holiday treats and questions

Sounds good... I'm home tonight but then won't be around again until Saturday afternoon. Talk to you soon!