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Girls' Talk
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Duck hunting with Cheney and Scalia

Would that I could have absolutely zero ethics, be nothing but a shill for the elite, and eat fois gras while the world is burning.

After handing his "good friend of many years," the 2000 election, Justice Scalia, went duck hunting and fine dining with Cheney while a sitting justice on the case over whether the Administration had to release the names of the scumbags on their energy commission.

Truly vile.


Re: Duck hunting with Cheney and Scalia

Further talking to myself (it must be politics, not a holiday!):
Where are the proposed constitutional amendments to:
- never have anyone live in poverty
- never have anyone live without healthcare
- never have anyone have to listen to Pat Roberts and Jerry Falwell again?

Egads, our country, the majority of Americans and its leaders are certifiable.

I'll stop talking to myself now.

Thanks for the forum!