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I got an iPod!

I've been talking for a little while about getting some kind of new portable music player to use when I start running again whenever the weather again makes it reasonable, and after Christmas, jod* said, "Let's get you an iPod!" Yay! So, the iPod and cable came yesterday.

I spent last night downloading some songs for which I have never bought the albums because the rest of the stuff on them didn't appeal to me. Dial-up stinks (15 minutes or more per song), but it does work! For posterity, I'll share my initial purchases with brief commentary...
Alterna-Geneseo Days songs:
Joey by Concrete Blonde (what a great song)
It's My Life by Talk Talk (the great original, not No Doubt's pale-by-comparison-only-makes-me-want-to-hear-the-original remake)
Only You by Yaz (I'm such a sap)
A Little Respect by Erasure (okay, let me have it, but it's a happy-sounding song and reminds me of 60 Court parties)
...and some oldies:
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters by Elton John (Just a great song. I wonder how Brad and Laurie are these days, anyway...)
Ripples by Genesis (Prog rock sap, but such a good song).

Now to figure out how to load them onto the iPod...


Re: I got an iPod!

Is it a holiday? I just checked in, and all that I see is Patt*** talking to herself.

But seriously ... I just walked in the door back from a trip TEXAS (yes, Texas ... for work), and I was happy to be greeted by the good news of Patt*** and her IPod.

Texas was fun, exciting, and busy. I'll talk more about it later. In the meantime, Patt***, please purge your machine of that musical nonsense; the next time I go to the Lone Star State I will be sure to bring back some good Toby Keith for you.

Re: Re: I got an iPod!

It was getting mighty (<--Texasese) lonely in here, and I can be a boring talking partner after a while. Nice to see you back from the Lone Star state, the state in which I never want to live.

I'm going to figure out my iPod today. Time to go download some more singles for which I would not buy the album!


Re: Re: Re: I got an iPod!

This is bringing it all back... I downloaded songs by The Lightning Seeds, The La's, The Trash Can Sinatras and am on to the Housemartins and The Chills next. Too wild that it's all out there

nostalgic (and still talking to herself!),

Re: Re: Re: Re: I got an iPod!

Please tell me that you did not skip watching your beloved "Golden Globes" in favor of playing with your new electronic gadget.

I was looking forward to your show review. Where else would I hear the real scoop on how Fran Dresher looked in her gown?