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Golden Globes Review

Not a chance did I miss the Globes for my iPod! Perish the thought... Related note: I took a break yesterday at 8:40 to watch the Oscar nominations--such a geek.

Sadly, Fran Drescher was not at the Globes, so I have no dress review.

In a nutshell:
Yay, Lost In Translation.
Yay, Angels in America.
I loved Bill Murray's speech.
Bravo, Meryl Streep for including pointed jabs at El Presidente Bush-head as far as same sex marriage and steroids in sports not being major priorities for this country.
Yay for the Best Foreign Film being given to Afghanistan for Osama, the first film made after the Taliban were out of power and an indictment of the Taliban (1. Nothing to do with that Osama 2. Not even nominated for an Oscar, the wimps), but boo for attendees for being too afraid to clap.
Yay for the Hollywood Foreign Press for picking some offbeat stuff (BBC America's The Office over the usual tv stuff).

Quick and streamlined in as much as it could be.

psyched about the Oscars! Woo hoo and woo woo, too!,

Re: Golden Globes Review

Thanks, Pat. I always love your entertainment reports. Do you think that think that this year we should give out out own awards of our own ... maybe called the "Patties," short for the "Particularly And Totally Tremendous In Entertainment Stuff"?

Re: Re: Golden Globes Review

What an excellent idea, and that's very kind of you to name them for me! We can start with "Patties" for awards shows. Which of Hollywood's self-congratulatory awards shows is the best? The Globes, The Critics' Choice Awards, the Independent Spirit Awards, the SAG Awards? Two things:
1. Notice that I didn't include the People's choice. It's not for elitist reasons but for these 2 reasons:
a. I don't watch it.
b. Any award show that would vote Mel Gibson their favorite actor for the year when he had no moview out this year just entirely negates itself for the Patties.

2. I am heavily biased toward the Independent Spirit Awards for a few reasons:
a. John Waters is a hoot as the host.
b. It's more self mocking in tone at times than self reverential (though it is that, too).
c. It's much lighter, laid back, and funnier.
d. People there seem to really be enjoying it.
e. Most importantly, the nominees/ations are for consistenly higher caliber work and people.

I would like to thank the members of the Forum, my husband and my dog,

Re: Re: Re: Golden Globes Review

I agree. Now let's try to get John Waters to stop by the Forum to accept this first award. And do you think that you can get your hubby to hand craft the prestigious 100-percent clay Patties statuette?

We can give him that, as well as an unopened VHS copy of "Stroker Ace."