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Bubba's gone? Meat, what is this world coming to?!!

First Bush wants to admend the Constitution because he's a reactionary moron (namecalling is the sign of a weak mind, I know, but I couldn't resist), and now Clear Channel fires Bubba the Love Sponge? I weep for you, Meat, and for Floridians who did not vote for George Bush in 2000!

From today's Yahoo News:
"One day after saying it fired popular Florida radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge, Clear Channel Communications Inc. said Wednesday it adopted new "decency" standards to make sure that material its radio stations air conforms to local community standards.

The policy change is the latest in a wave of actions taken by broadcasters to address decency concerns following the Feb. 1 Super Bowl halftime show, when pop diva Janet Jackson (news)'s right breast was exposed on live television.

Chief Operating Officer Mark Mays said San Antonio-based Clear Channel, the largest U.S. radio station operator with more than 1,200 outlets, will adopt a "zero tolerance" policy for indecent content.

The company said it will conduct in-house training for and mete out automatic suspensions to anyone alleged by the Federal Communications Commission (news - web sites) to violate indecency rules.

It also said it would amend its existing contracts with all on-air personalities, to hold disc jockeys financially responsible for uttering indecent material on the air.

"If a DJ is found to be in violation of FCC (news - web sites) rules, there will be no appeals and no intermediate steps," John Hogan, chief executive of Clear Channel Radio, said in a statement. "If they break the law by broadcasting indecent material, they will not work for Clear Channel."

Hogan and other broadcast executives are expected to testify Thursday before Congress about TV and radio programming standards.

On Tuesday, Clear Channel said it fired controversial Bubba the Love Sponge, who legally changed his name from Todd Clem, after federal regulators accused him of airing sexual material on Tampa's WXTB-FM and three other Florida stations. The FCC in January proposed fining Clear Channel $755,000 for the airing."


Re: Bubba's gone? Meat, what is this world coming to?!!

Yep, Bubba is gone. And I tried to get Jeff to listen to him, on what was his last day, on the way to the airport. But time ran out...

Re: Re: Bubba's gone? Meat, what is this world coming to?!!

I know that you are all going to think I'm crazy, and you're right, but I wrote both the FCC and Clear Channel this morning and sent you a copy of what I wrote to the FCC.

I cried this morning because I'm a sap and because I am so sad and disturbed to see what the FCC and mega-corporations like ClearChannel are getting away with censorship-wise.

Your freaky and over-emotional friend,

Re: Re: Re: Bubba's gone? Meat, what is this world coming to?!!

Patt***, you are fighting the good fight. Your letter was really well done and inspiring. I for one really appreciate what you're doing. Thank you.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Bubba's gone? Meat, what is this world coming to?!!

Thanks for the encouraging words, Jeff! It all feels pretty futile, but I'm glad that I wrote anyway.