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From the makers of Police Academy comes the feel-good forum experience of the season!

Girls' Talk
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Happy St. Patt***'s Day!

... and in honor of our very own Patt***, everyone should please enjoy a delicious frosty Shamrock Shake on yours truly! (But please do not blame me for any possible toxic reaction or unnatural green gastro-intestinal side-effects.)

Goes great with the new, yummy McMonteCristo and a side order of Susan D.'s "irregular" McRibs!!!!!!!


Re: Happy St. Patt***'s Day!

Thanks, JT!

And Happy St. Patt*'s Day to you, too...

I'm having an especially nice day because I had a full day work shop for 60 people yesterday on the day when the area experienced record snowfall--figures... Hallelujah, it's over! The day was nice, and the post tramatic stress effects of the day are slowly wearing off of me


Re: Re: Happy St. Patt***'s Day!

I Want Me Pot 'O Gold, Patt***!

On second thought, it seems that you've already had a busy week. Time to relax on your Patt* 'O Furniture.

I'm really cracking myself up with these "Patty" jokes. I'd better stop before they call the Patty Wagon!

I'll leave you to Meat, Patty (get it, "Meat Patty")!