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Girls' Talk
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Kill Bill I and 2

We rented Kill Bill Vol 1 and watched it Thursday night. Good movie...and I made it through the very cartoon-like violence with no problem. His more menacing stuff is what always wigs me out--like Buck and his "friend" in the hospital, the torture scene in Reservoir Dogs, etc.

We went to see Vol. 2 this afternoon. It was an even better movie. Hopefully not giving anything away: That little girl was creepy.


Re: Kill Bill I and 2

I loved how the little girl went to sleep playing the "Shogun Assassin" video. Back in high school/college, I used to read a lot of splatter magazines, and that movie was like the holy grail of the genre. Really cute, twisted touch.

I thought Volume 1 was more fun, but Volume 2 was probably more satisfying. The whole thing was neat and very entertaining.