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Girls' Talk
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If a tree falls in the Forum ...

Pretty quiet in here as of late. Rumor has it our remaining posters finally got wise to the fact that Daphne never REALLY intended to stop by. Even the dimmest cyber-stalkers finally get the hint, I guess.

To re-envigorate matters, I would like to make the following important announcements:

* Our good friend Christine Sleazy recently adopted a chocolate lab, presumably because she was hungry and the grocery store was fresh out of "chunky monkey."

* The new David Cross album hit stores today. Sweet Meat, please purchase yourself a copy for my birthday.

* I have no news to report about Aileen. For Aileen reports, please consult any edition of the "Geneseo Scene" newsletter.

That is all ...

Re: If a tree falls in the Forum ...

Sorry to have been pretty reticent forum-wise lately--things have been crazy-busy of late:

Charlie the dog - Did you see Christine's digital pictures of Charlie? Very cute... Dogs rock.

David Cross' new album - Haven't heard any of his former ones. I should listen to them. Did you watch Arrested Development? What a great and funny show...sure to be cancelled by Fox any moment now.

Another thing to be righteously angry about (or another PR stunt, but hey...): Disney will not distribute Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 because they're afraid of Jeb and George...a-holes! Ugh! Unbelievable...


Re: Re: If a tree falls in the Forum ...

Yes, that M. Moore thing is irritating!

So J.T. How is the D. Cross "Album". Did you buy it on 33 1/3 or 78? Stay Hip J.T! Don't Fu*k with the youth....

Re: Re: Re: If a tree falls in the Forum ...

The album is really good. So good that I'm thinking about buying another copy for the 8-track player in my Gremlin.