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From the makers of Police Academy comes the feel-good forum experience of the season!

Girls' Talk
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Oldie but goodie ...

No, the subject line is not about Sweet Meat, although I must apuse to wish him a happy 35th birthday.

Those of you from the Buffalo area should appreciate this, which I found while surfing around (and believe it or not, I was not doing a search on "things that stopped being funny many, many years ago"):

Re: Oldie but goodie ...

Thanks for sharing that, Jeff--when ever we pass by the one on Sheridan, I can't help but give an odd little smile. Amigone? Gotta get over it...

Happy, happy birthday, Meat! Sorry for the cornball birthday card. At least it didn't open with the line, "Hey, guy..." Those are all pretty stupid--dumber than a card about a guy with lots of...talent!