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Girls' Talk
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This and that

Let me be the first to wish Jeff a Happy Birthday. A little early I know but I wanted to beat the rush.

I hope all is well with everyone. As I had not read the forum in quite some time please allow the following to address a few of the last updates in descending order:

Russ. Good to see that you're doing well. With your hair color I might have gone with a different outfit but hey you looked great.

The election pretty much sucked as everyone has already said. Please remember that the Republican convention sucked almost as much. I'm very proud of you meat but It has not escaped me that you used to live in red state Ohio. Are you changing the states or are they changing you. Hmmmmm

Lastly, Congratulations Helen. That's great news and both Marcy and I are very happy for you.

Hope all is well everywhere as the holiday season has arrived. In case I don't speak to all by then. HAPPY CHANUKAH (or christmas if you like) and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Re: Is that you Bavaro

Hey Mark

I'm assuming that this is you. How is everything going for you? Send me an email. It's been a long time.


Re: Re: Is that you Bavaro

First Varg shows up in drag and then Mark pops in. What more could a guy ask for in terms of pre-birthday fanfare?

Great to hear from you, "Bavaro." Stick around awhile and Varg just might give you his special brand of the extreme makeover. What could we call your female incarnation? Bavara? Bavarly? Beaver-aro?

Re: Re: Re: Is that you Bavaro

My vote is for beaver-aro...

Happy birthday J.T. Hi Russ, Mark! Jeff, just sent you an E-Card! Mark, still looking for a Sam an'Nole t-shirt for your birthday (it would be the 15th anniverary!)


Re: Re: Re: Re: Is that you Bavaro

Wow, what a great coincidence that Mark and Russ would both make an appearance just before Jeff's birthday. Excellent!

Happy, happy birthday, Jeff (The occasion absolutely called for being obnoxious with the emoticons)...

Hello, Russ and Mark! And Happy Chanukah, too... Say hello to Marcy for jod* and me.

I vote for Sweet Red Meat or Steak as Meat's new red state-induced nickname.

Work is heavily cracking down on non-work-related-surfing (no longer can stop by on breaks--bummer), so sorry for being so absent of late.

And to paraphrase one of my favorite reactions to that election (thank you, John Stewart): If you want to go to a library or have gay "relations," do it tonight because your time is running short.

And this with a former Library Media Specialist as the First Lady... We're doomed.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is that you Bavaro

Thanks, Patt****.

BTW, I have tomorrow off from work. I just may go Christmas shopping for you. I hear that Best Buy is having a big sale on Clint Howard movies!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is that you Bavaro

Noooooooo! I mean, Clint Howard, ooo, he's my favorite (up there with Cusack, Buscemi, et al)!