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Girls' Talk
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christmas cards

i just wanted to say hi and hope everyone is well!

for those of you who are making fun of me because of early christmas cards, i had to send them out early because the dog kept running around with them in his mouth.

and steve, it's good to see you did your civic duty on election day!

Re: christmas cards

Cute picture for the photo greeting, Christine!

And yay, Bills!


Re: christmas cards

I know what I want for Christmas. A hockey season. Anyone else want the same. I miss it. What the puck.


Re: Re: christmas cards

Hey, Russ ... Guess what? I was at the Davsville hospital just the other day (visiting my Grandmother). I had totally forgotten about that place, but when I pulled up in the car, visions of you putting your arm through the glass at 60 Court Street absolutely overwhelmed me. Very strange. I also remember following the ambulance to the hospital, all the while Meat and I singinging Ton Loc's "Funky Cold Medina."

Grandma's OK, by the way ... and, no, she did not say to the attending physician, "I'm a Grateful Dead fan, but I don't do drugs."

Re: Re: Re: christmas cards

What a night of stupidity. I think of that night every August 31 and count up the years since. I just passed the 15 year mark. Good Times.