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Re: Re: The Oscars

Yeah, they cheese in movies like Million Dollar Baby by releasing them limitedly in like NY and LA so that they qualify for the 2004 Oscars... Pretty lame, but also, in terms of the psychology of recency/latency (you remember the first and last of things), pretty smart, too.

Poor Doc Oc...the comic book movie villains (like comic actors) just don't get their due.


Re: Re: Re: The Oscars

I believe the Oscar rule is that it has to be shown in LA during the year under review. Thats why so many movies in January are announced as "open now nation wide"

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Oscars

Sweet Meat nad I saw "Sideways" together over the Christmas holiday, so my vote goes to that one. I mean, why spoil our perfect track record of predicting the Oscar winner through our own moviegoing selections? ("Deuce Biggolo" and "The Animal" were both winners, right?)