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Oscars geek

So we'll be watching (even though I can intuit that the Oscars and award shows are lame, I'm still hooked on this one, the Independent Spirit Awards, and The Golden Globes) the Oscars on Sunday night. With that, I took my annual post-Oscars vacation day (getting lamer by the moment, eh?). Go _Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind_ getting any award at all because it was just so **** good.

On an unrelated note, good visual voice-over pun with the great picture of Steve and Mark!


Re: Oscars geek

I watched it! Chris Rock is no Nilly Crystal ... and that was a good thing.

You're the entertainment expert, Patt***. So tell me, why weren't Joan and Melissa Rivers on my E! Channel? Somehow, the evening just wasn't complete without them.

Re: Re: Oscars geek

Joan and Melissa got into a contract dispute with E! and left for the TV Guide Channel, where you can see them do their red carpet/fashion shtick and what's coming up in the next hours on TV! Wacky...

Anyway... I got caught up in a problem that I was having with my iPod and was a bit distracted, but I liked Chris Rock's opening. The rest of the show seemed really odd and boring to me. I'm not quite sure why, but maybe it was because I was ready to throw my computer and iPod out the window in frustration. And why Beyonce singing 3 times? I really liked the past few years' practice of having the original artists performing their songs, but whatever.

The Independent Spirit Awards were really good and light and fun, though. I did miss John Waters as host, but what can you do? Any show that takes the song, "Windy," and makes it about Kinsey and sex is just great.