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Homeland of the Jews

From "Burr, a Novel" by Gore Vidal. First Vintage International Edition, February 2000, (Copyright 1973) pg 125-126:

Leggett thinks Noah mad. "But colourful. A compulsive actor. And of course he's the king of the Jews, or thinks he is." Leggett described how Noah, wearing a crown and velvet robes, took "possesion" of Grand Island in the Niagra River and there proclaimed the City of Ararat, to be a home of refuge for the Jews. Needless to say, the city fathers of Buffalo quickly put a stop to that.

Wow.... if only I had this reference in 1987 to have avoided the ridicule of one Jeff Thomas and one Mark T.

Re: Homeland of the Jews

Hey, Meat! Gore Vidal has a hard one for "The Homeland of the Jews." About a year ago, my Dad brought a similar reference to my attention, but I'm pretty sure that it was from a different one of his books.

Meaniful? Yes. But you've also gotta remember that this is the same guy who collaborated with Bob Guccione on "Caligula." It had me glued to the screen, but somehow I don't know if I'll be remembered primarily for its historical accuracy.