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Girls' Talk
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Hello : )

It's been a little quiet of late, so I thought that I'd jump in and say hello.

I'm off on the 2005 Librarian World Tour starting Monday. This week is the calm before the storm of lots of travels until June 24th... It will be a whirlwind but lots of fun and will make the remainder of the school year go quickly.

There are lots of movies out this weekend that we want to see, but we have time to see only one: Crash, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, or The Parrots of Telegraph Hill. We're thinking one of the first two.

Others of late:
Off the Map - Fine acting and a fine movie.
Inside Deep Throat - Excellent documentary with really interesting interviews and interviewees. Lots to talk about afterwards!
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - We liked it (didn't read the book so we're not into all of the back and forth of the readers). Martin Freeman, Zooey Deschanel, Mos Def, et al were very good, and Sam Rockwell always plays the arrogant bonehead so well.

And might I recommend watching "Wonderfalls" on DVD--a good, quirky show set in Niagara Falls, USA and WNY that of course Fox axed after 3 episodes...

Meat, happy upcoming birthday!


Re: Hello : )

I saw Inside Deep Throat, too. Liked it a lot.

What's more engaging, though, is a messageboard post that manages to combine the phrases Deep Throat and 2005 Librarian World Tour. There's gotta be a hit movie in there somewhere!

Good to talk to you again, Pat**********************.

Re: Re: Hello : ) - tour 2005 has ended!

3000+ miles later, my whirlwind tour of WNY has ended. Whew! A little earlier than expected, too, which is nice. Nobody wanted to meet the last few days of school, so yay!