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Girls' Talk
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Re: Anyone there?


I just got back from a great vacation. I spent five days camping, exploring and just being the hippie that I am.

I went to see three Widespread Panic shows. They have become my new jam band. I went to this ski resort in Mcall, Idaho to see them. I was standing towards the back as the sun was setting. There it was: The band, pine trees galore, light show, jamming music. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It made me realize why I moved to the great northwest.


Re: Re: Anyone there?

I'm here too, guys ... Happy that you still pop in even though it's been so quiet lately. It's great to hear from you guys.

Hey, I even have some new pictures that should go up within a week or so. It's about time, since I haven't updated since like Christmas.

In the meantime, I recommend that everyone see George Romero's Land of the Dead. Cool gut munchin' zombie action!