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Truckin up to Buffalo

Hey Sweet Meat

The Dead just released this DVD. It is from the show that HAJC, my bro, Susan, you and I went to see on July 4th 1989. It is awesome and I recommend it to everyone who reads this forum.

Patt* I am sorry if the engish is incorrect on this post. That is why I majored in accounting.

Love you all


Re: Truckin up to Buffalo

I've heard excellent things about the DVD and that show, Varg! I heard some Deadheads and music critics talking about it on the radio (NPR maybe?) and saying that you could hear how much the Dead loved Buffalo and that it was one of their favorite shows. How great that you guys were there...

Have no fear about the grammar, etc. Any English skills that I had developed over 4 years in college have slipped away over the 9 years that I've been working almost exclusively in the world of computers and software support!


Re: Re: Truckin up to Buffalo

Hey Varg,
Great news, I have fond memories of the show too. It was a good time, glad you invited me. Hope all is well and hope to see you soon. I got those Dylan shows from the Northwest you went to, great stuff also.