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Re: Re: Nice site

You know what I don't understand. Why is it that "weezie" can find us but Sweet Meat is nowhere to be found? Many times he has expressed an interest in acquiring some of the Dylan I have but he has yet to send me an email or give me his. Is he really that busy or is he just spacing out? Once again Sweet Meat, here is my email:

Hope that everyone else is doing well.


Re: Re: Re: Nice site

Hey, Varg --

Are those Halloween photos of you still online? I wanted to show Jamie a photo so she knows the characters she's dealing with but I can't locate one of you. Can you help? I'd be gr8ful!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice site

Good to see the "new content" but I must admit I was a little baffeled because I could not think of a reason that you would dedicate a gallery to my niece Jamie... but its all coming together....

Ok, so i am a bit jealous. Who was with you on the Tilt-O-Whurl at Fantasy Island at the age of 12 when you "Whurled" all over my shorts? Who was with you at the age of 30 at Universal Studios when we rode over the moon with E.T. and touched fingers ? And now you take another to Ceder Point?

Ok, I am an adult, kind of, I can get over this, deep breaths, deep breaths....

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice site

Hi everyone! I must admit I was a little worried about JT posting me to his website, so I am glad to read that most are ok with it.

Sweet Meat: I had heard stories about his "whurling" days and I am glad to report that none happened in Cedar Point. We both have weak stomaches so we avoided those types of rides. And I must say that I am pretty jealous about you two touching fingers at ET! All I got was slobber and the smell of deodorant as JT had his arms up the whole way and his tongue hanging out for the photo shots! Any advice on taming that side of him for future amusement park trips?

I do look forward to meeting everyone some day! Until then keep smiling!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice site

Nice to electronically meet you, Jamie

I look forward to meeting you in person some day, too!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice site

Nice to meet yo as well Jamie. Although I havn't seen mmost of these characters in 10 years or so (Dylan show in Syracuse, 1992ish? Help me out here?), I have fond and crazy memories of all of them. Good people to say the least.

One of these days I will make it back to New York for a visit and hopefully hook up with them all. Look forward to meeting you someday.

JT, I believe there are some pictures still on the net but I am not sure which site. My friend has an online photo album and I'll have to ask her for the address and I will forward it on this site.

Wait to you all see my halloween get up this year.