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Girls' Talk

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Girls' Talk
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Just to share some stuff from the recent past...

- A recent movie: The 40 Year-Old Virgin - big disappointment (appropo, no?)...especially having the writer and cast that they had. We love Judd Apatow (one of his TV shows, Undeclared, was one of 2 very short-lived but supremely well-done and funny Fox shows that we still lament the loss of), the writer, and just expected so much more as far as clever and funny stuff goes. And we love Steve Carrell, Catherine Keener, Seth Rogan, et al, so it was a let-down. Just not at all as funny as it could have been.

- A recent concert: Green Day at the Arena... They are so amazing, talented, and dead-on politically (had to throw that in there!), but the crowd was surprisingly Disney-like--tons 'o families with lots of 8- and 9-year-olds who knew every word to every song and were loaded up with every piece of merchandise possible! Crazy... especially as the band used lots of off-color language, faked orgasms, etc. Funny.

- A Saturday in Canada: By lunchtime, we were so relaxed, we'd felt as though we had been on vacation for a week! Canada rocks! I knew we should have emigrated there after the 2000 election...