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Girls' Talk
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move in day

i hope everyone enjoyed their labor day! i worked early, but was home by noon. labor day always reminds me of move-in day at geneseo with swarms of cars and parents dropping everyone off. then two free days before the start of classes. i believe there might have been a party or two at 14 or 60 court, with helen proving the food - pretzels off the floor! :)

by the way, it's been 18 years since our freshman move-in day!

Re: move in day

18 years?! Holy crap, are we old!

I'll never forget Freshmen year's move-in day. I had the stomach flu and couldn't make it to school until the night of the day when everyone else had arrived. So my floormates from hell had already started to HS clique it up and had already begun to tear each other down by the time I arrived many hours after they had. What a floor that was. I was miserable, and most of them were so mean. I still smile to think of the days that I walked into the lounge with Nick F. The harpees had a field day each time wondering who he was and why he was with me--it gave Nick the creeps and made him feel like he was in "The Birds." Senior year at the Idle, I ran into one of my few nice floormates from that year, and she said how she wished that she hadn't stayed with that floor through Junior year, because they all turned on her late Sophomore year. What a heat flash of memories that year and that floor brings back. Thank God that your floor, Erie and Ontario were mere steps away! And thank God for my living choices the next 3 years (other than Dark Star's fleas from Sr. year!)!


Re: Re: move in day

Yeah, but isn't it so sexy when girls fight?

Just kidding. Sorry that I haven't been on the board for awhile. My home computer is inaccessable (INXSable?) and s I'm actually writing from a public PC next to a laundry room I'm also using.

18 years, huh? I'd feel old except I'm still hoarding quarters for use in public washers/driers like the good old days at Geneseo!