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Re: Children by the Millions

This just in...
"Alex Chilton, frontman for Big Star and the Box Tops, is safe and sound, according to various sources, including e-mails to Pitchfork purporting to be from friends of Chilton’s family. The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that Chilton spoke to Ron Easley (his former bandmate in the Memphis punkabilly group Tav Falco’s Panther Burns) early Monday morning, who said that Chilton had been rescued by helicopter from his French Quarter home on Sunday."
--from some blog somewhere (nice citation from an alleged information specialist, eh?)


Re: Re: Children by the Millions

Cool. BTW, I just listened to "Pleased to Meat Me" this morning (preferred spelling of "Meet"). It's still hard to beat the Replacements (and the Meat, for that matter).