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Hallelujah! Back online...

Hi, Jeff, Meat, Russ, Christine, Jamie and anyone else who occasionally stops by...

I am back online via DSL, and it certainly does beat dial-up. I won't be online as often as in the past because work has really restricted everything fairly completely, and I am trying to get used to fitting it in after work rather than before work with my work laptop. Too much information, but anyway, see you once in a while.

Recent things:
- Went to the Adirondacks and climbed four mountains in four days after having never climbed a mountain previously. It was so beautiful, so fun, and a bit of work :)
- Bummer about the Yankees...
- Went to a conference in Pittsburgh and got the ultimate vendor give-away--A Jane Austen bobblehead! Perfect for an English major turned librarian!

I hope all is well!


Re: Hallelujah! Back online... - by JT - Oct 20, 2005 7:14pm
Re: Re: Hallelujah! Back online... - by patt* - Oct 24, 2005 5:14pm
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