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Girls' Talk
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Hallelujah! Back online...

Hi, Jeff, Meat, Russ, Christine, Jamie and anyone else who occasionally stops by...

I am back online via DSL, and it certainly does beat dial-up. I won't be online as often as in the past because work has really restricted everything fairly completely, and I am trying to get used to fitting it in after work rather than before work with my work laptop. Too much information, but anyway, see you once in a while.

Recent things:
- Went to the Adirondacks and climbed four mountains in four days after having never climbed a mountain previously. It was so beautiful, so fun, and a bit of work :)
- Bummer about the Yankees...
- Went to a conference in Pittsburgh and got the ultimate vendor give-away--A Jane Austen bobblehead! Perfect for an English major turned librarian!

I hope all is well!


Re: Hallelujah! Back online...

Yeah! Doesn't DSL rock!

When you went to the Adirondacks, did you guys go to that Lesbian camp? I think that a great way for us to get the conversation riolling again would be for you to share the story of your visit to the lesbian camp.

Sorry that I've been away for so long, too. But at least Scott P. stopped by to get things in order.

Now if we could only find Sweet Meat ...

Re: Re: Hallelujah! Back online...

Sadly, that Lesbian camp was in North Carolina, and yes, I said was. It's no longer in existence! See how far the Right will go to end joy? Kidding... I have no idea why the camp is no longer there.

Sadly part 2: No Lesbian camp where we stayed in the Adirondacks. My husband and I were otherwise quite thrilled with the trip, though!

Hope all is well.