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Girls' Talk
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I heard you had a site. Just googled you and this came up. Best of all, I hear that Russ V. occasionally posts. Hope you are doing well. I've pretty much lost touch with everyone from school except for Mark. Glad to see you are alive and kicking. Talk to you soon.


Re: geneseo

Hey, Spuds! Great to hear from you. I heard you're a principal or a similar respectable profession. Who'd have thought we'd all turn out OK?

Yes, Varg stops by from time to time. When last seen, he even posted a photo of himself in drag. But then he disappears for long stretches of time. I guess the URL is just tough to remember.

Actually, I've been MIA for awhile, too. Luckily, Patty usually holds down the fort.

Pull up a chair, you never know who'll stop by ...

Re: Re: geneseo

Welcome Scott. It is scary to be the one to stop by most often, but I am an e- and real-life creature of habit. I have to get a life.

Anyway, I fondly recall many a party in Ontario and at 60 Ct. Hope all is well.